The Strategic Principles & values are the driving force of Catalyst and its people to expel excellence. And they are the key foundation of our company.

A major share of our revenues has been spending on development of new technologies to deliver the best quality products & service to our customers. Over the numerous awards & certification we received, we consider the acceptance by and satisfaction of our valued customers as our biggest achievement.

When it comes to our workforce, we are committed to maintain an excellent workplace built up on interpersonal dignity and respect. We hold a workforce with excellent mindset of openness and trust – empowering us to contribute to our full potential in meeting our customers’ needs.

The commitment is based on the principle that we need to develop the best quality products with least impact on environment.

Our strong values of integrity help us build trust and respect among all of our business relationships. Integrity is never been sacrificed on any aspect of our business

To expel excellence is our motto. That includes the excellence in the Quality of our products, services and the Business